• Product Overview

    Range of application--plywood machine:
    This machine have more ues. It can saw four side like Plywood, MDF, Blockboard and chipboard.
    It can also only saw two side. If need, we can add auto feeding system and out feeding system.

    Plywood machine: size trimming saw feature:
    This type size trimming saw is high speed automatic model, it includes four sections: vertical sizer saw, horizontal sizer saw, feeding devices and turning roller table. It can be used to trim the both sides of rough plywood into regular in the same time. All the feeding devices use high quality steel rollers. It is the main part in the plywood handling section, can be used to trim plywood and thin block board.

    Plywood machine-trimming saw parameter:

    ZHJ4x8A.1 Vertical Feeding Device
    Conveyer length  (mm) 5789
    Conveyer width (mm) 915-1380
    Conveyer speed (m/min) 70
    Motor (kw) 0.75
    ZHJ4x8A.2 Vertical Sizer Saw
    Sawing size  (mm) 915-1220
    Max. sawing thickness (mm) 40
    Saw blade diameter (mm) Φ 305
    Saw blade speed(rpm) 6900
    Feeding speed(m/min) 15-70
    Saw blade motor 25.5kw 2910rpm
    Feeding motor MBⅥ/40-Y4-C5
    ZHJ4x8A.3 Vertical Output Device
    Conveying speed (m/min) 15-70
    Conveying width (mm) 915-1220
    Transmission way Driven by vertical saw
    ZHJ4x8A.4 Horizontal Feeding Device
    Vertical roller speed (m/min) 25.37-71.03
    Lateral chain feeding speed (m/min) 23.84-66.75
    Vertical roller transmissions Driven by vertical output conveyer
    Lateral chain transmissions  Driven by lateral saw electromagnetic clutch
    ZHJ4x8A.5 Horizontal Sizer Saw
    Sawing size (mm) 1830-2440
    Max. sawing thickness (mm) 40
    Saw blade diameter(mm) Φ 305
    Saw blade speed (mm) 6900
    Saw feeding speed (m/min) 15-70
    Saw blade motor 25.5kw 2910rpm
    Feeding motor MBW-40-Y4-C-5
    ZHJ4x8A.6 Horizontal Output Device
    Conveying speed (m/min) 15-70
    Transmission condition Driven by lateral saw 

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    Shandong Baishengyuan Group Co., Ltd. (BSY company, China)

    Our company: Plywood and veneer machine manufacturer-- Shandong Baishengyuan Group Co., Ltd (BSY company) is the biggest manufacturer of veneer and plywood machines in China. Our machines have CE and ISO9001 Certificate. We export to many countries, like Russia, Poland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Brazil, America, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and India etc. Main plywood machines: 1. Plywood and veneer machine: Log conveyer and cut off, Log debarker, Log auto-changing and centering machine, CNC spindle veneer peeling lathe, CNC spindle-less veneer peeling machines, Veneer clipper, Veneer stacker, Veneer dryer, Cold press, Hot press, Glue spreader, Plywood sizer saw, Plywood sanding machine, wood chipper, Blade grinding machine and so on. 2. Sliced veneer machine: Veneer sliced machine: Horizontal slicer and Half round veneer rotary slicer, Veneer dryer and Veneer guillotine. 3. Woodworking machines: High speed heavy duty four side moulder, rip saw and heavy duty double side thicknesser, Edge banding machine, timber rip saw. Technology-plywood machine: We have a professional team with rich experience in the field of plywood machines. We can help you to design the whole Plywood line, Veneer peeling line and special requirement. Service-plywood machine: The period of quality: 12 month Our engineer will install and train your operator. Welcome to our company and have more information. Video: 1. (Company profile) 2. (Hydraulic double spindle veneer peeling line) 3. (Veneer slicer) 4. (Narrow veneer CNC spindless peeling line) 5. (Company product) 6. (High speed core veneer peeling line) 7. (Surface veneer peeling line) 8. (Floor veneer line/lengthways veneer slicer line) Shandong Baishengyuan Group Co., Ltd. (BSY company) Http:// Skype: baishengyuan11, QQ:2238264302 Mr. Song / Mobile: +86 15906301889

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