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    The Buckeye Ultra-Burr is designed to deburr both tube ends simultaneously and includes scaled adjustments to allow for brush concentration on the tube I.D., O.D., or both. Using the same brushing principles, notched tube guide rails allow deburring of squares, rectangles, and other non-round parts.

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    Kent Corporation

    Choose from a full line of equipment including, tube mill coil handling equipment, coil end welders, strip accumulators, tube deburring machines, OD scarfing tools, and other consumable products for your tube mill. The most diverse line of strip accumulators to choose from! With six different kinds of strip accumulators, we have the most complete range of products for your application. Your Source for all your tube mill consumable products! We have more consumable products for your tube mill. We can save you money and increase your productivity! Explore how we can save you money.

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