• Specs
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    Capacity (Mild Steel)
    0.25 "
    28000 rpm
    20-5/8" x 18"
  • Product Overview

    The Cameron MD70-X was designed with prototyping in mind. This manual micro drill press is a good choice when designing and creating parts for production. The built-in VEF(Video Edge Finder) allows the user to pick up the edge of a part prior to drilling and then inspect the position of the hole before removing the part from the fixture. The DRO (Digital Read Out) with it’s .0002″ resolution allows for more precise movements when drilling holes or for inspecting parts.

    Model Brochure (170 KB)

  • About Company
    Cameron Micro Drill Presses

    ultra-precision and super sensitive small-hole drilling machines with speeds up to 30,000 rpm! make small-hole drilling easier and faster with cameron micro drill presses. spindle run out at the spindle taper is within .0001.

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