AC 160
Discontinued Model
  • Product Overview

    The most versatile equipment on the market to perform automatic cleaning of Anilox rollers.
    Automated system specifically designed to clean Anilox rollers from 36” to 160’’ long.
    Anilox roller rotates while the cleaning nozzle travels progressively along the length of the roller. The poly beads actually get inside of the Anilox cells to break-up dried ink without altering the Anilox cells.
    Featuring a high performance abrasive recycler to maximize performance while reducing abrasive consumption. Quick cleaning cycle using new and improved recyclable plastic media, you can choose
    from three different sizes of abrasives.

  • About Company
    International Surface Technologies

    IST is a leading manufacturer of surface treatment equipment and machines, designing innovative solutions for customers operating in a broad range of industries including aerospace, military, automotive and transportation, construction, metal transformation and manufacturing, energy and general manufacturing. Since 1978, IST has built its reputation on designing and manufacturing reliable, robust equipment that stands up to the rigours of harsh industrial environments. Over the years, IST has designed and made superior quality automated pneumatic sandblast systems, including custom designed machines for all types of surface treatment requirements: from continuous or intermittent turntable cabinets to machines with computer controls developed specifically for unique production processes. American aeronautic manufacturers recognize IST for our commitment to quality, and all of our products, including portable sandblasters, sandblasting cabinets, abrasive blast rooms and recovery systems, are backed by the IST industrial guarantee.