CAORLE MC-650/3000 CNC 3+3 AXIS

MC-650/3000 CNC 3+3 AXIS
  • Specs
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    # Axis
    Machining Length
    118 "
    20 hp
    Max RPM
    2200 rpm
    Turning Dia
    10 "
    13380 kg
  • Product Overview

    The Caorle model MC650 takes a part of new generation machines for machining of ends by spindle served by tool changer. It is a real “double machining center” with opposite working unites for pieces ends machining, mainly ends-working, drillings, tappings on a surface of 300x300 mm.
    Designed to meet the requirement of maximum flexibility, precision and simplifying the machining on pieces ends, combines power and a high rigidity and is programmed from the CNC SIEMENS 840D or FANUC SERIES 30.
    The Model MC650 is equipped with two opposite working units, each on three-axis CNC ("X", "Z" and "Y" axis), each having a spindle with taper ISO50 and served with a 20 position tool changer.
    The machine basement consists of a ribbed, electro-normalized steel structure, reinforced considerably, specially designed with ramps for directional convey the chips into the integrated conveyor.
    The use of self centering vices, fixed on the linear slides, allows you to block and lock pieces of remarkable consistency and wide range of clamping diameters.
    The machine is equipped with a full enclosure and sliding doors with safety micro contact, suitable for connection to the robot or other loading / unloading systems.

  • About Company

    Production of end-working machines and machining centres for extremites.

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