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    Today the corporation must have the ability to grow in a context of great contention and this can be done not only on account of a good knowledge, professionalism, research, development of new investments, environment protection, but also with an ethical “behaviour” in the relationship with third parties, suppliers, customers and the surrounding world. Profit alone is meaningless to development, unless it is combined with a strong ethical propensity which represents the true and unique engine to continuity and development; the lack of an ethical objective vanishes all efforts for competition and innovation. With no rules, sooner or later the corporation will be isolated, its image and brand will extinguish and eventually it will dissolve. Ethical behaviour becomes the sole motivation for a constantly increasing rush, where production of wealth per se gratifies no more. Growing alone is like no growing at all!. Growing in a group, expressing new ideas, promoting new goals, means not only the growth of the Corporation and its environment but also the growth of the surrounding territory, the areas where its products are sold; it has to be a warning which will distinguish the Corporation from those who do not have a similar behaviour. The example of an ethical behaviour will push other subjects to emulate such a behaviour thus generating similar ways of acting, perhaps because they believe in what they have seen or they have convinced themselves that it is the only direction to aim at. Consequently this will remove negative behaviours and bad habits. Whoever promotes the CARLO SALVI image around the world has to know that it is a burden which however will abundantly reward all those who have been faithful to this image. Every sailor, every climber, knows the unrestrained pleasure and gratification felt whenever a goal has been reached, after a dangerous and exhausting voyage in a hostile environment. It is a reach of an endless sensation of peace.

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