• Product Overview

    The chamber of treatment usually contains to its inside a rotating structure to longitudinal axle. Such structure allows the total or partial rotation (to choice of the consumer) of the pieces inside of the washing chamber.
    During the treatment all the components work vacuum at locally monitored absolute pressure.
    The plants are controlled by a PLC, and they include a graphic display of visualization.
    The distiller has the function to distill the solvent present inside of the machine and it is of fundamental importance for 2 reasons:
    Allows to have a closed circuit plant Allows to wash up with distillate solvent

  • About Company

    Born in January 1959, Ceever deals in the production of plants for chemical-physical surface treatment. Placed in Settala, behind the airport of Linate and at few kilometers from the centre of Milan, it is easily attainable by car or by plane.The product range is very ample: from the sandblasting machines to the wash tunnels, passing plants of phosphating, burnishing, pickling, etc. All the plants are available both in standard and in special version, the latter are expressly think to answering to every specific necessity of the client. Currently Ceever occupies a surface of about 5.000 mqs and its productive structure is divided as follows: 1. Machine shop for steel construction outside the office building 2. Headquarter of CEEVER in which are located the following units: technical – commercial division Commercial and administrative reception office administrative and financial service service of post – sale assistance 3. Establishment of assemblage of ownership inside of which the following entities are gathered: area of machines assemblage area of painting area of electric panels realization area of software planning technical office of planning purchases office

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