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    9,000 lb
    2160 (LBS)
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    Challenger Lifts

    Challenger Lifts – specializing in the design, manufacture and distribution of innovative car lifts – is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. Key to our operations is our 140,000 square foot manufacturing facility located directly in the city. Challenger Lifts has sought to raise industry standards since our inception, over 28 years ago. As evidenced by critical industry advances such as our exclusive Versymmetric® Technology – the first front and rear 3-stage arm two post car lift designed for lifting cars and trucks – and our earth-friendly AquaVantage™ EnviroLift® car lifts that run exclusively on compressed air and tap water, Challenger’s commitment to elevating car lift industry standards remains second to none. In addition, our suite of products includes comprehensive lines of two post car lifts, four post lifts, inground lifts, mobile lifts, mid and short-rise lifts, and home storage lifts. Whether you’re a car enthusiast by hobby or a working mechanic by trade, we’ve developed products that can accommodate your home garage or bustling service bay. Interested in learning more about our products, or becoming an authorized distributor or installer? Contact us today to get started on discovering the many value added benefits we provide to our customers.

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