• Specs
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    19.69 "
    Spindle Bore
    3.347 "
    Swing Over Cross Slide
    11.02 "
  • Product Overview

    Max.swing over bed 500mm
    Max.swing over tool-post 280mm
    Max.swing over gap 750mm
    Bore of spindle φ85mm
    Effective length of gap 240mm
    Taper of bore in spindle 1:20
    Number and range of spindle speeds 12/21~1500rpm
    Number of spindle cross/longitudinal feeds 138
    Range of spindle longitudinal feeds 0.04~2.23mm/r
    Range of spindle cross feeds 0.02~1.12mm/r
    Metric thread number/pitches range 32/0.9~40mm
    withworth thread number/pitches range 32/40~1t.p.i
    Module thread number/pitches range 24/0.45~10mm
    Diametral thread number/pitches range 30/DP 80~1.75 of cross tool-post 340mm of upper tool-post 150mm
    Tool post swivelling tool-post ±45°
    Power of apron rapid-travelled motor 250w
    Speed of carriage rapid-travelled motor 4000mm/min
    Power of main motor 7.5kw
    Power of cool pump 90w

  • About Company

    we are a comprehensive enterprise specialized in designing, developing, manufacturing, selling and service with 20% engineering technicians, we adhere to the principle research and develop advanced products for market, create satisfactory quality for customers

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