• Specs
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    Chuck Size
    7.874 "
    Bar Capacity
    1.89 "
    14.17 "
    Machining Length
    29.53 "
  • Product Overview

    Max.swing over beD Φ360
    Max.swing over toolpost Φ180
    Distance between centers 750
    Max.machining length 750
    Chuck size Φ200
    SpinDle nose anD taper style D-6
    SinDle speeD range Stepless 75-2500rpm

    SpinDle bore Dia. Φ57 feeDing Dia. Φ48
    X Axis spec. GQ2504—P3
    Z Axis spec. GQ4006—P4
    Connecting way of X.Z axis X:Belt-Driven
    Z:Direct connect
    RapiD traverse rate X 6m/min
    RapiD traverse rate Z 8m/min
    X/Z Accuracy of positioning repeatability 0.01/0.012
    Quill Diameter Φ55
    Quill travel 120
    Taper of quill M.T4
    GuiDeway wiDth(mm) 320
    Installing way of Main motor Vertical

  • About Company

    we are a comprehensive enterprise specialized in designing, developing, manufacturing, selling and service with 20% engineering technicians, we adhere to the principle research and develop advanced products for market, create satisfactory quality for customers

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