• Specs
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    10 "
    39.37 "
    Spindle Bore
    1.496 "
  • Product Overview

    Swing over bed φ355 mm
    Swing over carriage φ220 mm
    Swing over gap φ500 mm
    Width of bed-way 186 mm
    Distance between centers 1000 mm
    Spindle taper M.T.5
    Spindle bore φ38 mm
    Step of speed Variable speed
    Range of speed 低(low ): 70~480 rpm
    高(high): 480-2000
    Head D1-4
    Metric thread 26kinds (0.4~7mm)
    Inch thread 34kinds(4~56T.P.I)
    Moulder thread 16 kinds(0.35~5M.P)
    Diametral thread 36 kinds(6~104D.P)
    Longitudinal feeds 0.052~1.392 (0.002”~0.0548”) mm/r
    Cross feeds 0.014~0.38 (0.00055”~0.015”) mm/r
    Diameter lead screw φ22(7/8”) mm
    Pitch of lead screw 3mm or 8T.P.I
    Saddle travel 1000 mm
    Cross travel 170 mm
    Compound travel 74 mm
    Compound travel 95 mm
    Barrel diameter φ32 mm
    Taper of center M.T.3 mm
    Motor power 1.5(2HP) Kw
    Motor for coolant system’s power 0.04(0.055HP) Kw
    Machine(L×W×H) 1920×760×760 mm
    Stand(left) (L×W×H) 440×410×700 mm
    Stand(right) (L×W×H) 370×410×700 mm
    Machine 505/565 Kg
    Stand 70/75 Kg
    Loading amount 22pcs/20’container

  • About Company

    we are a comprehensive enterprise specialized in designing, developing, manufacturing, selling and service with 20% engineering technicians, we adhere to the principle research and develop advanced products for market, create satisfactory quality for customers

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