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    9.449 "
    31.5 "
  • Product Overview

    Size of worktable(LxH) 800×240mm(900×240mm)
    T slot(Width x Qty x Spaces) 16mm×3×60mm
    Max. loading weight on worktable 60Kg
    X/Y/Z-Axis travel Table 800 x 240mm Column980mm 430×290×400mm
    Column1080mm 430×290×500mm
    Table 900 x 240mm Column980mm 530×290×400mm
    Column1080mm 530×290×500mm
    Distance between spindle nose and table Column980mm 50-450mm
    Column1080mm 50-550mm
    Distance between spindle center and column 297mm
    Spindle taper BT30
    Max.spindle speed range 5000r/min
    Spindle motor power 2.2/3.7Kw
    Feeding Motor power:X/Y/Z axis 1Kw/1Kw/1Kw
    Min.set unit:X/Y/Z axis 6m/min
    Feeding speed 0-2000mm/min
    Rapid feeding speed:X/Y/Z axis 0.01mm
    Tool spec.max.dia φ60×175mm
    Tool magazine 4 Stations
    Tool loosing and clamping way Clamping by disk spring and tool-released pneumatically
    Max loading weight of tool 3.5Kg
    Net weight 760Kg
    Overall size 1640×1205×1950mm(2050mm)

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    we are a comprehensive enterprise specialized in designing, developing, manufacturing, selling and service with 20% engineering technicians, we adhere to the principle research and develop advanced products for market, create satisfactory quality for customers

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