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CIDAN K15-20

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Type:Folding Machines


Max Thickness (gauge):14 ga
OA Length:81 "
Control:CNC (Prolink)
Dimensions:119"(L) x 61" (W) x 63" (H)
Weight:1,830 lbs

Product Overview

CIDAN folding machine model K15 is extremely quick and easy to use, built in a sturdy all-welded construction with cast iron legs. The K15 is built for continuous running under the most demanding conditions. The machine is adapted for all types of folding of thinner materials.

An eccentric that minimizes wear and gives the best possible opening and closing speeds drives the clamping beam. This also gives the best possible clamping pressure. The clamping beam opens as the folding beam returns so that they are positioned for the next step simultaneously.

CIDAN Machinery Sweden AB

About CIDAN Machinery Sweden AB

CIDAN Machinery has manufactured sheet metal working machines since 1907 and is a well-established company within the sheet metal industry worldwide. Our brands; "CIDAN" and "Göteneds" are based on our own innovative solutions and new technology for sheet metal industry. We always focus on flexible and simple-to-use solutions of the highest quality.

CIDAN K15-20

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