• Product Overview

    Clean Air America’s offers the Clean Air Weld Booth in many configurations ranging from 3' wide to 12' wide and heights ranging from 6' to 9' and depths from 3' to 8'.These Clean Air Weld Booths can be connected with ducting to either exhaust fans or an air filtration system such as a Clean Air Smart Collector. The Clean Air Weld Booth utilizes a backdraft based filtration system, the ACGIH prefered standard, so the smoke is pulled away from the welder instead of up through the welder. This helps prevent welding smoke from getting under the welder's hood and into their breathing area. These booth are perfect for either a welding training facility or in a manufacturing based environment.

  • About Company
    Clean Air America Inc

    Clean Air America is recognized by global manufacturing companies as innovators and best-of-breed for high-tech industrial air filtration systems. Clean Air’s design, manufacturing and R&D teams continuously improve the specialty units and total systems that literally eat up welding smoke, grinding dust, and oil mist.

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