• Specs
    CNC (FANUC 31i A5)
  • Product Overview

    The FXB vertical machining center's double table version is shown equipped with CMS' patented "ring pressing device" for routing parts from stacked aluminum sheets. This eliminates the need for hundreds of screws or rivets to hold the sheets together for the routing of the groups of nested parts, which are held in place only by micro tabs which join them to the stack of sheets. This process is then followed by the difficult, tedious handwork of removing the micro tabs which still remain on these parts, which were created for the sake of the traditional production method. FXB's "ring pressing device" provides the most efficient, cost effective, high quality and automated process available for stacked sheet aluminum production.

    Model Brochure (257 KB)

  • About Company
    CMS Spa

    Founded in 1969, CMS SpA is the head of CMS Industries, a brand name that brings together 3 companies, has reached a turnover of 100 millions Euros, with 4 subsidiaries and a worldwide sales network. CMS Industries products, CNC machining centres, thermoforming machines, CNC cutting robots, waterjet systems, compete to produce space shuttles, military and civil aircrafts, Formula 1 cars, competition and road vehicles, America’s Cup boats and yachts, wind power generators, joining together processing quality and precision, studied technology based on the customer’s needs, able to cover several production phases, but also optimized for every single process.

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