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  • Product Overview

    The application range of the RaptorX- SL CNC milling machine is extremely wide due to the adjustable work surface height (variable bridge clearance: 150mm, 300mm or 400mm) plus the travel range of the Z axis of 300mm (at no extra cost).

    The Z axis stability is excellent, allowing you to work as accurately on large 3D objects as one can on flat sheet materials.

    Use the system as a plasma cutting system or a water jet cutting system, appropriate accessories are available.

    It is possible to work on work-pieces up to a height of 850mm (steel cabinets etc.) or three-dimensional objects up to a height of approx. 400mm (with 400m long milling cutter).

    This capability is unusual for machines of this size and mold makers usually use a layered construction method to produce large 3D objects.

    Considering our new concept of working with an “invisible” motor for the X-axis and the proven high performance of the entire machine, we will not have to wait long for imitators in the industry to try copy this design.

    Find several other videos of examples being milled in marble, wood, Styrofoam, aluminium etc.

    A CE compliant commissioning of our CNC machines requires the assembly of the safety enclosure and the suction adapter.

  • About Company
    CNC-STEP GmbH & Co. KG / CNC Router - CNC Milling Machines Germany

    CNC-STEP manufactures versatile, exact and innovative CNC Router Machine / Tables, XYZ table, plasma cutting and knife cutting machines, also usable as cnc engraving machine for profi and hobby user. Since 2005 thousands of our cutting systems have automated a wide variety of industries around our globe. Aerospace, furniture production, cabinet and sign making, wood and metal working, solid surface, plastics fabrication companies, also many schools, universitys and institutes depend on our computerize numeric controlled platforms. They consider our machines reliable and indispensable additions to their companies. Whether your shop is large or small, you need a business or private solution ........... we make a perfect solution for every budget ! Stable and affordable, low priced technique at its best cost / performance ratio. Due to the special frame profile construction, our computerized numerical controlled milling machines are a lot more buckling resistant than most machines of other providers.

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