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    GSK218M from CNCmakers Limited.
    GSK218M CNC milling/machining center controller is widespread CNC system (matched with machining center and general milling machine),employed with 32-bit high performance CPU and super-large-scale programmable device FPGA, real-time control and hardware interpolation technology to ensure the system gets the high efficiency with the um-level precision, and its PLC can be edit on-line, which makes the logic control function become more flexible and strong.

    1,The standard configuration is 4 axes and three links, and the rotary axis is determined by the parameter, and can be adapted with 4 axes link.
    2,Max. traverse speed reaches 30m/min, max. feedrate reaches 15m/min.
    3. Linear, exponential and S acceleration/deceleration is optional.
    4,Pitch error compensation, backlash compensation, tool length compensation, tool wear compensation and tool nose radius compensation.
    5. Convenient management with multilevel operation password.
    6. Chinese and English display window selected by the parameter
    7. 56M program memory capacity to store 400 programs and back stage edit function.
    8. standard RS232 and USB interface to realize the bidirectional transmission of programs, parameters and PLC programs between CNC and PC.
    9. DNC control and its baud rate can be set, up to 115200.
    10. Embedded PLC can realize the various of logic control functions. its ladder can be edit , uploaded and downloaded on-line.
    11. standard 48 input/48 output interfaces, I/O can be extended(optional function).
    12. Auto/Manual switch by manual interference function.
    13. MPG interrupt and Step interrupt function can execute the translation of coordinate system in the course of automatically running.
    14. Edit programs can be executed in automatically running.
    15. Rigid tapping and soft tapping are set by the parameter.
    16. Three-gear shifting function, switch frequency conversion output voltage in max. spindle speed according to the corresponding gear.
    17. Rotary, scale, polar coordinates and many kinds of fixed cycle function.
    18. Index information function to be convenient to operation and maintenance.
    19. History alarm and operation log to be convenient to maintenance.

    GSK983M from CNCmakers Limited is a high cost-performance and high reliable CNC developed especially for high speed, high precision and high efficient machining. Due to the applied high speed micro processor and high speed and precision servo system as well as sufficient CNC and high speed PLC functions, the machining efficiency has truly realized a higher standard.

    High precision machining
    The high precision and high resonance position control has been realized by high performance position closed loop control chip and high precision position detecting components.
    The mechanical errors in transmission chains such as pitch error of ball screw can be remedied by pitch memory error compensation.
    Feedrate override can be automatically adjusted in the corner contour machining.
    High speed machining
    When the system resolution is 1μm, the highest feedrate can reach 240m /min which is suitable for the control of milling press, MCs, engraving machines and super precision machine tools. The continuous high speed machining of micro block is realized by the distributed processing of multi-high speed CPU. The super processing capability of 1000 instruction words per second is especially suitable for the machining of high speed mould, auto parts and the control of woodworkers and laser machines.
    High speed DNC functions
    The specially developed high speed DNC buffer interface realizes the high speed DNC machining by the connection to PC or U disk at the baud rate as high as 115200 .
    Sufficient control functions
    It has the functions of maximum 5 feeding axes plus 1 spindle control, cutting tools life management, scaling, coordinate system rotation, complex canned cycle, background editing, graphics display and special user macro program that can easily carry out some special machining.
    Powerful built-in PLC
    The built-in sequence control for machine and the large PLC capacity for peripherals have greatly simplified the strong power design.
    PLC-A 2000 steps PLC-B 12000 steps
    Smart CNC
    It adopts the latest high integral FPGA, CPLD chips and surface sticking adornment techniques which greatly reduces the dimensions of the control unit. And the LCD displayer adopted realizes the thin model of display unit.
    Module I/O
    The module design adopts I/O unit which can be paralleled by requirement with maximum (input/output) points are 192/128. It can be fixed on the standard DIN rail to directly drive the load such as contactor, which makes the strong power design much simple and the space taken up is much more reduced.
    The wires from CNC to strong power plate are much more saved through the connection of the high speed serial communication ports with CNC.
    The machine operation panel
    It has maximum 64 mechanical keys with a LED indicator for each. Their function specified by PLC programming and also they can correspondingly connect the switches of feedrate override, spindle override, MPG override and coordinate axis.
    Separating structure:
    Connect CNC by the high speed serial communication ports to save the wire.

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    CNCmakers Limited

    CNCmakers Limited - Professional manufacturer and supplier of CNC Retrofit Kits for CNC lathes, milling machines and machining centers. CNC Retrofit Kits includes: CNC control system, AC servo motor and drivers, AC servo spindle motor and drivers, Frequency inverters, step motor and drivers, 4 station tool posts, NC turrets, external MPG, pendants, other CNC related accessories, etc. Main products and service: 1-CNC Control kits for retrofitting lathe/milling machine/machining center. 2-CNC Controller for lathe/Turning Machine 3-CNC Controller for Milling Machine/Machining Center 4-CNC Controller for plasma/flame 5-AC servo drive, 6-AC servo motor, 7-Spindle servo motor and driver 8-Frequency inverter/Frequency converter/Vector control/AC drive 9-4, 6, 8 station tool post, NC turret, power turret, tool changer, tool carriage. 10- Retrofitting consultant and CNC tech support.

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