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Product Overview

GSK928TEII CNC Lathe Controller

GSK928TEII from CNCmakers Limited, with color display screen, realized high-speed um-precision control with CPLD hardware interpolation, has developed for economical high precision turning machine.

GSK928TEII has graphic LCD display with friendly Chinese/English menu and tool-trail display. Its adjustable speed-up/down time brings that it is widely suitable for reaction step drive system, complex step drive system, and servo drive system.

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CNCmakers Limited

About CNCmakers Limited

CNCmakers Limited - Professional manufacturer and supplier of CNC Retrofit Kits for CNC lathes, milling machines and machining centers. CNC Retrofit Kits includes: CNC control system, AC servo motor and drivers, AC servo spindle motor and drivers, Frequency inverters, step motor and drivers, 4 station tool posts, NC turrets, external MPG, pendants, other CNC related accessories, etc. Main products and service: 1-CNC Control kits for retrofitting lathe/milling machine/machining center. 2-CNC Controller for lathe/Turning Machine 3-CNC Controller for Milling Machine/Machining Center 4-CNC Controller for plasma/flame 5-AC servo drive, 6-AC servo motor, 7-Spindle servo motor and driver 8-Frequency inverter/Frequency converter/Vector control/AC drive 9-4, 6, 8 station tool post, NC turret, power turret, tool changer, tool carriage. 10- Retrofitting consultant and CNC tech support.


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