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COMAC 3012

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Type:Angle Bending Rolls


Angle Capacity:3 "
Angle Capacity:3 "
Angle Capacity:0.25 "
Operation (Horz, Vert, Horz/Vert):VERT


Since over 25 years Comac designs and manufactures machines for bending sections and it's renowned for the quality of the product and the experience in solving any bending problem. Our specific mission is to supply flexible and reliable bending rolls to match with customer's expectations for all the life cycle, with nearly no maintenance requirements. We take great care to the product, by constantly improving the existing models and releasing new models, according to the demand of the market. We are active in almost every market throughout the world, with local distributors to service machines and supply spare parts; we have supplied over 5000 machines, most of them still working satisfactorily. Service and after-sales mean so much for us, because they show the added value of our products. We work close to our customers, providing them with expertise, assistance, training, spare parts (we keep stocked in our warehouse the main spares of machines delivered more than 15 years ago). We are committed to answer all requests for assistance within two days.

COMAC 3012