• Product Overview

    Medium sized multipurpose machine suitable for shredding chips and metal-milling waste materials. It can be introduced into a line to operate in continuous working.

    It works thanks to a tool carrier rotor. A hopper containing the material is fixed to a lock equipped with a pusher device moved by a hydraulic cylinder and controlled by a hydraulic control unit. The material to be triturated is therefore conveyed towards the grinding rotor. The final size of the grinded material is set by a special grid.

  • About Company

    The origin of our company is in late 1975 from a brilliant idea of his founder and president, Mr. Luciano Peroni, with the production of the first series of briquetting presses. The compression of the material waste has always been an ambitious studio and research for our company. The brand new range of production (including briquetting presses, grinders and shredders with state-of-the-art performances and technology)show our never ending investments in the development and in the project along with a wise behavior to learn from the past experience. These machines may treat many types of waste materials, such as wood, metal, paper, banknotes, cotton, yarn, plastic, buttons, polyester, polystyrene, polyurethane, fodder, animal feed, alfalfa, barley, hay, straw, coffee, tobacco, leather etc. Thanks to the 18.000 machines sold in these years CO.MA.FER. has become leader in the world market with the same philosophy that led the company to the Quality certification ISO 9001:2008: wants to maintain a constant balance between technology, high quality components and value for money. In fact we have the ambition to believe that our aim goes beyond the project and the pure production of high quality machines. ...the excellent made in Italy, “nowadays”

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