• Product Overview

    For more than 40years Control Gaging Inc. has been putting its single-finger gage heads on some of the toughest applications that manufacturing plants can offer.

    In a corner of one plant there is a gage controlling part size by measuring on the wet surface of a spinning grinding wheel. In another location there are two gages mounted on a shoe-centerless grinder, controlling diameter on deep roller tracks in a 30" recision bearing. In yet another, there are five pairs of gages on an in-line gage station with automatic change-over for parts within a 25mm size range.

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  • About Company
    Control Gaging, Inc.

    For more than 40 years Control Gaging Inc. has responded to the diverse needs of the machining industry with innovative gaging solutions that have gained us international respect. As a world class supplier of in-process gaging systems we do not rest idle on our accomplishments. We continue to develop and patent innovative gaging solutions to improve our customers’ process control and out-perform our competitors. Today’s highly competitive marketplace requires reliable gaging systems that reduce production costs through improved productivity and quality. We've responded with gages that are easy to set up, produce precise measurements and are very durable. Our commitments to provide quick response with continuous product improvement combine to help our customers reduce costly downtime. As a vertically integrated company, we design, manufacture and support our products on behalf of our customers. Our reputation for superior quality and dedicated customer service is reinforced by our ISO 9001 certification.

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