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    Conway is the only press with fully valved, dual speed, hydraulic power without any of the air-over-oil complexities. Its patented recirculating fluid power system gives you fast positioning speed plus maximum ram pressure.

    No other press can offer you such speed, flexibility, simplicity and dependability.

    Once you've tried a Conway dual-speed press, you'll never be satisfied with any other.

  • About Company
    Conway Press

    Conway Press began manufacturing high quality, low maintenance, production presses in 1978. Since then, Conway Press has been issued several patents for its dual speed hydraulic cylinders which are now sold as part of its high speed hydraulic presses. Conway Press produces its presses in South Carolina with all U.S. made parts. Their presses have proven themselves to be very reliable, easy to use, cost effective, and safe. Retooling during the last several years has cut normal delivery time down to 2 to 3 weeks and has allowed Conway Press to offer a 2 year warranty on their presses. Conway's hydraulic presses provide distinct advantages over mechanical and other hydraulic presses. They are being used by multinational corporations in a wide range of industries including boating, automobiles, motorcycles, amusement parks, and building structures.

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