• Product Overview

    The Grinder/Slotter/Chamfer machine is a fully automated three-stage process designed to replace the three single operation machines needed to grind, slot, and chamfer brake pads. It is equipped with a multi-speed conveyor that carries the pads throughout each stage. This machine can also operate as a three stage single operating machine with each stage running independently to each other. So if grinding is the only process needed then only the grinder can be operating while the slotter and chamfer are turned off. This is also possible with slotting and chamfering separately too. The machine can also accommodate different sizes of brake pads knowing that a specific fixture is used for a specific size brake pad. The machine is monitored through the control panel that is provided with a touch screen display that provides the operator with information about the operating mode of the machine. It also displays any safety precautions that the operator must follow prior to start up.

  • About Company
    Corsteel Hydraulics

    CORSTEEL HYDRAULICS is a world leading manufacturer of production equipment for the automotive and friction industry. Corsteel provides full design, engineering, and manufacturing services for a wide variety of automotive and industrial applications, with more than 20 years of experience in the worldwide market.

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