• Product Overview

    This machine is designed to leak-test a section of tailpipe. This machine is capable of handling parts 17420-0D150, 17420-0D160, 17420-0D170, and 17410-0T080. This machine is equipped with air cylinders that will provide sealing pressure to the open ends of the assembly. In addition, sensors are mounted to ensure that the correct pipe is properly in position prior to testing. The leak test pressure will be introduced to a level permitted by the pressure regulator and the degree of acceptable degradation will be digitally set on a display screen.

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    Corsteel Hydraulics

    CORSTEEL HYDRAULICS is a world leading manufacturer of production equipment for the automotive and friction industry. Corsteel provides full design, engineering, and manufacturing services for a wide variety of automotive and industrial applications, with more than 20 years of experience in the worldwide market.

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