• Specs
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    3.15 "
    Bar Length
    13.45 '
  • Product Overview

    Evolution for multi-spindle feeding
    This loader is the latest invention in the fi eld of feeding multispindle lathes. Furthermore it represents the accumulation of advanced technological solutions which allow total safety and automation in loading. Finally its extreme functional simplicity and small dimensions enable the production area to be exploited more effi ciently at the same time maintaining the vast number of potential performances./p>

    The guideways are in reinforced nylon with high resistance to wear and abrasion caused by the rotation speed and use of bars with an irregular profi le. The particular features of this nylon mean that the surface of soft materials is not affected. A further new feature is the fact that the guideways are bayonet coupled and easily interchangeable with the aid of a special key without having to disassemble the bases which anchor the drum. Replacing the guideways for smaller bar diameters is thus considerably simplifi ed and rapid. Finally they enable vibrations and the usual noise levels to be reduced by circa 70%. The quietness is mostly due to the fact that these parts (the guideways) are assembled by slotting together and therefore, with their ends crossing, form a perfectly cylindrical channel. In this way, the bar does not meet with breaks or opening and can reach high rotation speeds without collisions.

    The loader is fed by a tilted bar magazine from which an automatic device extracts the bar and inserts it in the bar holder channels.

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  • About Company

    From our previous experience in the automatic bar loaders, a small company that produces automatic bar loaders was founded in the 70s. In the following decades, it imposed itself with considerable success. It was founded as the Cucchi Brothers (F.lli Cucchi) in a small town (Bussero) near Milan and, in 1985, it changed its name to the current one. Its founder, Mr. Giovanni Cucchi, thanks to his innate passion and inventiveness, used his ideas and innovative solutions from the very beginning to revolutionize the automatic bar feeding field of machinery tools.

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