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    The RAPTOR is a Plasma only cutting machine with an extremely rigid and robust gantry design to deliver maximum performance and productivity required for your profile shape cutting requirements.

    This is an ideal machine for the manufacturer or job shop that cuts longer plates or wishes to load multiple plates on the table.

    The RAPTOR will consistently turn out highly accurate parts with excellent hole and edge quality with the latest HyPerformance and Precision Plasma Systems available today.

    Select a High Definition or Conventional Plasma system to cut material from guage up to 3.2" on mild steel and up to 6.25" on stainless or aluminum. Multiple Plasma Systems can also be added to increase output.

    The RAPTOR is configured with the latest technology in PC Based CNC Controls and Drive Systems. It comes standard with 1000 Watt AC Drive System.

    This machine is equipped with a floor mounted Rail System adjustable to fit right over the top of your new or existing water or downdraft table. We use Machined Tongue & Groove "T" Rail with Precision Rack bolted right to the rail.

    The RAPTOR comes standard in widths from 6' to 24' foot effective cutting widths. Effective cutting lengths are available up to 200 feet.

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    Cutting Systems, Inc.

    whether you desire a new cnc oxyfuel, conventional plasma or hydefinition plasma cutting machine, remanufactured burning machine, or choose to retrofit your current flame cutting machine, we are confident that we can produce a solution that meets your needs and budget. cutting systems' one and only focus is cutting machines. our ultimate goal is to provide customers with the best cutting equipment and service available in the industry.

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