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CYRIL BATH 150-410

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Type:Press Brakes


Tonnage:225 T
OA (Overall) Length:168 "
BH (Between Housings):123 "
Stroke:3 "
Dimensions:14' x 5' x 9'
CYRIL-BATH Corporation

About CYRIL-BATH Corporation

The Cyril Bath Company is part of an international corporation focused on providing innovative metal forming and joining solutions to the aerospace industry. The base of our technologies is stretch forming of aluminum alloy sheet for fuselage skins, as well as aluminum and titanium profiles for airframe sub-structure components. Our stretch presses are equipped with the latest CNC control systems, designed and developed by our in-house electrical engineers. Our stretch forming customers include the leaders in commercial and business aircraft manufacturing, in addition to their complete supply chain network.

CYRIL BATH 150-410