• Specs
    46" x 78"
    1200 (LBS)
  • Product Overview

    A comprehensive selection of Magnetic Particle Inspection machines for non destructive testing ( NDT ) are available from DCM Tech. The MPI 2400 is a basic horizontal magnetic particle inspection machine with a swivel coil and external prods, providing economical flaw detection. The MPI 3062 series of magnetic particle inspection units offer enhanced features with head and coil shot, pneumatic tailstock, and increased capacity. Length options from 62″ to 100″ make this machine the Heavy Duty shop choice. The MPI4562 has DC current capabilities for testing aircraft components, performance crankshafts and critical parts where subsurface flaw detection is required. The MPI4562 is ideally suited for NDT work in aircraft and aerospace applications, where DC inspection is mandated.

  • About Company
    DCM Tech Corp.

    dcm tech is a design and manufacturing facility located in southeastern minnesota, in the city of winona. dcm tech serves the precision machine tool industry with blanchard style rotary surface grinders. our commitment is to meet customer requirements with high quality equipment. as a manufacturer of quality equipment, we take pride in our ability to provide the technology and options that our customers desire. we are a u.s. manufacturer with core competency in rotary surface grinders for over twenty five years. our rotary grinders are appropriate for glass fabrication, ceramic back grinding, punch and die grinding, meat plate sharpening, aircraft brake rotor grinding among many other grinding applications in both production grinding and toolroom grinding settings.

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