• Specs
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    Length of Rolls
    24 "
    Max Thickness (by gauge)
    20 ga
    Roll Diameter
    2 "
    170 (LBS)
  • Product Overview

    Di-Acro Slip Rollers feature a cam-actuated idler roll which permits the operator to locate bends at any point along a sheet of material with straight sections on one or both ends. The idler roll always returns to its present position, allowing duplication with a high degree of accuracy. Calibrated rear roll indicators enable the operator to quickly adjust the machine when changing from one rolling size to another. Small circles, approximately the same diameter as the forming rolls, can be produced in one operation. Circles of any larger diameter can be created in just two passes through the rolls. Round, flat, square and other materials can be formed with Di-Acro Rollers by grooving the bending rolls to fit the shape of the material. Grooving must be specified at time of order.

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