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    The Di-Acro Bender is a multi-purpose machine that quickly adapts to a variety of bending operations, whether prototype, production or for duplicating parts with simple, compound or reverse bends in many materials — angle, channel, tubing, rod wire, strip stock, ect. They are "die substitutes" that also produce work not obtainable with dies. The Hand Bender is available in five models with capabilities of bending up to 1" round mild steel bar with a radius of 0 - 12". The Model 4 Bender features a selectable ratchet drive mechanism for increased power when working with heavier materials.

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    For more than sixty years, Di-Acro® Inc. has served the metalworking industry producing metal fabricating equipment. We’ve maintained the same traditional craftsmanship and quality on which our reputation was built, and today we offer a complete line of precision products built on years of experience, to give you every tool you need for metal fabrication. You’ll find Di-Acro® Inc. equipment for punching, cutting, bending and shearing sheet metal. We’ve designed our tools to let you punch burr-free holes, maintain accurate bends, eliminate part distortion and minimize material waste. You’ll find tooling and other metalworking supplies available through our company. These machines have supported both industry and education for many years.

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