• Specs
    5200 (KGS)
  • Product Overview

    Production capacity 1100-1800 kg/h
    Diameter briquettes 90 mm
    Or Square 80x80 mm
    Length briquettes 20-300 mm
    Main motor power 55 kW
    Weight (Approximate) 5200 kg

  • About Company
    DI PIU SrL

    Thanks to the high pressures exerted in the compression chamber (about 2000 kg/cm2), mechanical briquetting presses produce a high-quality briquette and their construction ensures that they are reliable and long-lasting. The superior ratio between the hourly output/kW used and the low running costs of the mechanical briquetting machines are particularly advantageous compared with other technologies available on the market. The Di Più BRIK series mechanical briquetting presses are suitable machines for meeting the requirements of those customers who need to compact large quantities of scrap and seek a strong, efficient high-performance machine with top construction qualities, long-lasting and able to work without problems around the clock. They have been developed thanks above all to thirty years' experience in the sector which have led Di Più to develop singular and absolutely reliable technical solutions.

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