• Product Overview

    The DualDraw Downdraft Table with its signature vented back stop is an air filtration solution designed to balance containment with versatility. This downdraft table incorporates the patented DualDraw airflow design of the perforated surface and vented back stop with a flexible panel filter system configured to the application.

  • About Company
    DualDraw LLC

    DualDraw was founded back in the mid 1990's to help people breathe easier. Our founders owned a job shop at the time and came to the realization that our technicians were experiencing serious health issues due to the inhalation of welding fume and grinding dust. We became seriously concerned about our employees well-being. We also experienced the negative business impact of employee absenteeism and cross contamination of equipment next to work cells due to the grinding dust. Something had to be done. This led to the design and build of our first downdraft table. The year was 1995. We patented the technology and a business was born.

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