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E.G. HELLER 412/6

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Type:Plate Bending Rolls including Pinch


Length of Rolls:49 "
Max Thickness (by gauge):10 ga
# Rolls:4
E.G. Heller's Son, Inc.

About E.G. Heller's Son, Inc.

E.G. Heller's Son is owned and managed by Robert E. Heller, Bill's son. He has been here since 1972. In the mid 1980s, Robert decided to expand E.G. Heller's metal fabricating sales and distribution acquiring several complimentary product lines, including plate rolls, angle rolls, press brakes, and shears. E.G. Heller's Son continues to grow and it is one of the largest importers and distributors of metal fabricating equipment in North America. The company's mission is to anticipate industry trends and acquire strategic new product lines to serve its large and growing customer base.

E.G. HELLER 412/6

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