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  • Product Overview

    ◆ Eastern laser always carries out deep and continuous research in textile, embroidery and label with great attention and care. In order to meet the demands of the cutting of irregular label and embroidery badges, it adopts the latest DSP technology and leading pickup positioning image recognition system, offering the customers with a complete solution for irregular design cutting with great efficiency.
    ◆ The design of the shortest cutting path saves your time by 10%-20%.
    ◆ The auto pickup positioning system can search the work piece and fix position automatically and precisely, so that the users are no longer worry about making errors even when they are feeling tired.
    ◆ The function of high-speed continuous curve cutting ensures that the cutting line will neither be deformed nor distorted.
    ◆ Equipped with imported high performance motor, ETS series automatic pickup positioning label cutting machine can cut faster with higher precision.

    Technical Data

    Laser power: 30-150W
    Cutting speed: 0-30000(mm/min)
    Power supply: AC220V±10% .50HZ
    Gross power: <1250W

  • About Company
    Eastern Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

    Eastern laser is setting china new standard of laser industry, we are developing laser engraving cutting machine, laser marking machine, mini laser engraver, medium laser power machine continuously. Located in Dongguan city, one of the laser machine base in China, with skilled worker and professional engineer, eastern laser is developing faster in this competitive market by providing tailor-made machine since customer needs is diversified and varied, we don’t want to just sell our machine, we want to sell our laser knowledge and business solution which is suitable for our customer needs, we won’t sell expensive machine which customer actually don’t need it since his requirement is simple, we want our customer success because we believe our success lie in our customer hands, Their success is the only proof of our success.

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