S 315 TG
  • Specs
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    3 hp
    1000x1550x2250 mm
    1300 Kg
  • Product Overview


    Slotting machine - Model: S 315 TG

    Standard Equipment

    Automatic tool stop;
    Adjustable speed of stroke;
    Luminous display;
    Lubrication system;
    Coolant system;
    Safety guard;
    Work lamp low voltage;
    Service wrenches and user’s manual;
    Optionals: Toolholders with insert mm 4-5-6-8-10-12.

    Model Brochure (76.9 KB)

  • About Company
    ECHO Research & Development S.p.A.

    echoENG produces and distributes machine tools and machine equipment, cutting tools, lifting equipment, measuring instruments and industrial supplies to assist all types of machining. The level of excellence is confirmed by the certifications. echoENG works in accordance with international standards ISO 9001 (quality management system) and OHSAS 18001 (Management System Safety and Health Workers). The echoENG product specialists are on the customers side to help them in choosing the most appropriate technique, and after the delivery, maintenance and support aspects. In addition, to ensure maximum efficiency, echoENG has located its logistics in a strategic location, situated in the North of Milan and connected to the main highways. The echoENG selection is divided into two major sections: echoENG - echoENG can pride itself on its significant experience in manufacturing and supply of chip forming machines, sheet metal machine systems and “turnkey” packages for mechanical maintenance of machine shops and workshops. - Electrical discharge - Machining centers - Milling machines - Slotting machines - Parallel and vertical lathes - Drilling machines - Bandsaws - Grinding machines - Shaping machine - Tool grinding machines - Bench-column grinding machines - Press brakes - Cutting shears - Roll bending machines and Hydraulic steel workers - Pipe and profile bending machines - Muffle furnaces echoENG TOOLS - The echoENG TOOLS offer, which is divided into 6 sections, turned to the world of industrial supplies to meet the market demands. Machine tools and dedicated equipments (i.e. lathes, drills, saws, woodworking machines, machine tool equipment such as clamps, chucks, tailstock, etc.), cutting tools (i.e. inserts, drills, taps, drills and countersinks), hand tools (i.e. set of wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, etc.), automotive (i.e. lifting systems, sanders and equipment for the workshop) and measuring instruments echoCONTROL range (i.e. calipers, micrometers, dial indicators, multimeters, etc.).

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