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Type:Universal Cylindrical Grinders


Swing:12.6 "
Centers:40 "
Power:7.5 hp
Workhead Motor:1.5 hp
Workhead Spindle Speed:260 RPM
Grinding Wheel Dia.:20 "
Max Weight Between Centers:400 lb
Plunge (Yes/No):Yes
Dimensions:141" x 96" x 87"
Weight:8,200 lbs.
Ecotech Machinery, Inc.

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is the sole distributor of smtw grinders in the united states, canada, mexico and south america. we offer a broad line of high quality, reasonably priced grinding equipment... from plain cylindrical grinders to the most sophisticated. we will gladly supply full information and specifications for any model shown in this catalog. we maintain an exceptionally large inventory of grinding machines and spare parts for immediate shipment. a fully-equipped demonstration showroom and training center is part of our 23,000 sq. ft. facility near atlanta, georgia. technical service people are available to assist in the selection of the most efficient, cost-effective grinder for your application. we hope to be of service to you in the near future.