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ELDORADO M50-10311

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Type:Gun Drills
Kays Engineering

About Kays Engineering

Kays Engineering, Inc. is an engineering and manufacturing company located in Marshall, MO. We manufacture dehoff deephole drilling machines, CNC gundrilling machines, bta & ejector drilling machines, as well as gundrilling cell equipment. We also carry a complete line of gundrilling accessories and parts & service to make sure all your requirements are available from a single source. Our people, from engineering to production, make sure that orders are designed and built with the expertise and reliability that our customers have come to know & trust from kays/dehoff gundrills. Our service department carries a complete line of upgrades and accessories, such as sharpening tools, whip guides, drawings & manuals to help answer any questions & to assure our customers years of dependable service from all of our gun drill equipment.

ELDORADO M50-10311