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    15 kV·A
    18 "
    36 "
  • About Company
    Electro Arc Manufacturing Co

    ELECTRO ARC has been building the world's best metal disintegrators since 1947. Our products safely remove broken taps and drills, saving you time and money. Our unique process disintegrates only the center out of a broken tap or drill leaving the hole intact. We can help you reclaim expensive parts and provide immediate repairs on all types of equipment, eliminating production overruns and late deliveries. Our metal disintegrators quickly and easily remove all types of taps, drills and fasteners. The process can cut hexagon shapes to back out studs or bolts, remove studs by a series of cuts, emboss identification on rolls of steel, drill and counter bore. And because the cut is continuously flushed with coolant, even the threads of the work piece stay cool and unaffected. Once the center is cut out, the remaining flutes are easily removed from the hole.

This Item is No Longer Made

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