EMC 125E

  • Specs
    38" L x 35" W x 54" H
    500 (LBS)
  • Product Overview

    The Model 125E is an electrically heated waste water evaporator designed for the small to medium sized generator of wastewater. It comes in two models, the Model 125E Carbon Steel version and the Model 125E-SS 316L Stainless Steel version (tank, floor, lid, covers, and stack are 316L SS).

    Model Brochure (899 KB)

  • About Company
    Equipment Manufacturing Corp.

    Established in 1981, Equipment Manufacturing Corporation (EMC®) is committed to building the highest quality waste water evaporators and aqueous parts washers and cleaning stations. All metal fabrication, assembly and other major processes are performed on site to ensure consistent and proven quality at a reasonable price.

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