• Specs
    CNC (Heidenhain iTNC530)
  • Product Overview

    Mecof Vertical high-speed milling center for mold & dies, styling, power generation and aerospace

    Linear motors on all the axes
    Milling heads with 3+2 or 5 axes
    Machine top covering
    Tool changer up to 96 pockets

    Model Brochure (1.46 MB)

  • About Company
    Emco Mecof

    Founded in 1947, near Genoa, MECOF is a manufacturer of machine-tools. The company has earned an excellent reputation with partners in the automotive, aerospace, railway and machine industries. Precision, innovation and reliability are the hallmarks of a well established brand. At the international scale, MECOF is recognized as a manufacturer of high-speed milling machines and machining centers.

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