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Type:Pneumatic Presses
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Tonnage:2.205 T
Dimensions:table 305 x 190
Weight:150 kg

Product Overview


The range of EMG pneumatic presses completes the range of manual presses and perfectly complies with the customer requirements when the stroke rates are more significant and/or the power to be restored is high.
Single or continuous stroke, the range of EMG pneumatic presses is integrated into the workstations or production line, ensuring Ergonomy - Operator safety - Process reliability.
2 pneumatic presses range:
• Direct push double effect presses from 360 kg to 1t
• Indirect push double effect presses from 2t to 6t
These presses are robust, accurate, flexible and ergonomic.
These are frequently used for assembly, connections of rings or bearings, small forms, various crimping operations, etc...
• Slider adjusted and locked for rotation, ensuring longevity and precision.
• Automatic load of the cylinder when controls released
• Quick and reliable adjustment, with locking ensuring perfect repetitiveness.
• Accurate adjustment of bottom dead center by a
mechanical stop ensuring the repetitiveness of the cycle.
• Cast iron FGL 250 or mechanically welded frame ensuring robustness and rigidity.
• No maintenance, no greasing.
• Paint: Sky blue RAL 5015 frame - Platinum grey RAL 7036
press head.
All cylinders are manufactured by EMG and have millions of users across the world which ensures their exceptionally good quality. The slider is made of chromated steel set on rings and locked for rotation by a key. The piston slides effortlessly in the chromated cylinder, seals ensuring perfect
sealing of the cylinder.
The power of our presses is indicated with a pressure at 6 bars and is proportionally adjustable as a standard from 3 to 6 bars.
E.g.: the 6PHR press delivers 360 kg at 6 bars, and thus 180 kg at 3 bars, 240 kg at 4 bars and 300 kg at 5 bars.

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About EMG Presses | Ets LONG SAS

The name for robustness, reliability and endurance, have been used for over 35 years in many divisions of the industry Watchmaking, jewellery making, Spectacle trade, Electrical appliances, Car making, White goods, toys, Locksmiths trade…


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