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    157.5 "
    18.5 "
    16.54 "
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    The Comet T4 is a CNC machining center that uses four controlled axes. It can be made with motor-driven vices that are separate from one other but may also be added on the X axis for machining needs. It is for aluminum, PVC and many alloys. It can support four-meter bars as well.

    The fourth axis lets the electrospindle run with the N/C in a 0 to 180-degree range for machining needs on a profile contour. This has an eight-place tool magazine on the X axis space and uses two angle machining heads plus a side milling cutter for all the faces on the device. A traversing worktable is also included so items may be loaded and unloaded. This adds to the space where machining can actually take place.

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  • About Company

    aluminium, steel and pvc technologies for over 30 years now, emmegi has been a standard-setter in the sector of machining systems for aluminium and light alloy profiles. constant innovation, superior quality, advanced logistics solutions, and highly professional sales services are our key strengths. because we’ve always had a single goal: to be number one. that’s why we all work with constant dedication to listen to customers, surprising them by keeping one step ahead of their needs; creating high-tech, high-performance, reliable solutions; always recommending the best manufacturing option; and guaranteeing the availability of products and services through rapid, skilled after-sale support. in the last two financial years, 2006-2007, new sites have been opened in areas considered to be strategic. significant examples of this are emmegi usa, inc., located in east rutherford, new jersey, emmegi deutschland gmbh in aichelberg, near stuttgart, and emmegi (suzhou) co. ltd. this last project, in china, is especially important, given that it marks the emmegi group’s first attempt to open a manufacturing branch outside of italy, and demonstrates that the group can no longer ignore vast markets that increasingly seem to show much stronger growth rates than its traditional ones. as a result of these projects, emmegi can now boast a firm foothold on three major continents (europe, america, and asia), allowing it to directly monitor the development of very strategic markets that were formerly managed only through local distributors. our constant focus on market demands and customer requirements has always spurred us to think about new manufacturing needs and to undertake new adventures; in recent years, this has opened up a new chapter in our story: a new product line for pvc. backed by the experience and expertise acquired up to that point in the sector of aluminium and light alloys, the idea was to create a complete range of products dedicated to pvc, a line that would be extremely innovative, and at the same time, highly standardized in relation to the company's other products. the result? functional and stylistic uniformity across the range, a fully interconnected production system, ease of use, reduction of set-up times, high productivity, quality, precision, and reliability. not to mention the advantages of being able to contact just one source every time you need assistance!

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