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Model:DU-300+ ATV-4
Type:Drilling & Tapping Machines


Rockford Ettco Procunier

About Rockford Ettco Procunier

Designers & Manufacturers of Drilling & Tapping Solutions. Our product lines, Rockford Drill Head, Ettco Machine Tool and Procunier have a long history providing innovative productivity improvement solutions to the premier participants in American industry. Our customers span the full width of American industry with applications in automotive, commercial vehicle, construction and building materials, home appliances, medical products, and a wide array of component suppliers to these industries. Our products produced decades ago are still in daily use at many of our customers ... a testimony to the quality, durability, and reliability of our products. And ... we still provide service parts for the majority of that same equipment. Our products include solutions for CNC applications as well as stand alone high speed precision drilling and tapping. The width of our product offering provides solutions for heavy duty automotive applications to light duty machine shop requirements