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Type:Slitters & Slitting Lines
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Max Width of Workpiece:400 "
Max Thickness of Workpiece (in.):0.1 "

Product Overview

The project criterions for our slitting line, not consider only the elevated speed of production (up to 400 m/min) but also and above the whole reduction of the production dead times. Our production lines are a concrete answer about the market request regarding the sturdiness, technology and innovation with the correct integration among mechanical and electronic components. The mechanical component has to satisfy criterions of great precision while, the electronics has to allow the operators to act on more parameters in function of the material characteristics with simplicity and ductility. The safeguard of the material worked surfaces and the cleaning of the materials, are some peculiarities of our realizations thanks to the use of "S" bridles whit up to nr.6 polyurethane covered rolls and nr.3 electrical motors.

Thickness: from 0,1 to 6,0 mm
Width: from 400 mm to 2.000 mm
Maximum speed: up to 400 m/1’
Worked materials:

Hot and cold shaped steel
Stainless and pre-painted steel
Magnetic steel grain oriented and not grain oriented
Tin plate
Non ferrous metals such as copper and aluminium



The acquired know-how and the constant research and development characterize Euroslitter as a strongly innovative and continuously developing company. The solutions offered by our company include design, building, installation and maintenance of the equipment, in order to guarantee both the investment safeguard and its productivity. Furthermore, thanks to its design department, the company can estimate and build special equipment starting from the customers' specific needs, working out and optimising at best all aspects and requirements of the project. A COMPANY KEEPING UP WITH THE TIMES It's born in the 2000 from the experience of technicians of the field. Dealing with specific requests in the most stimulating and difficult production-contexts, allows this company to become more and more established as an equipment and lines manufacturer. In these years, in Italy as well as abroad, we have been installing the first important cutting lines, furtherly increasing our technical inheritance and know-how. The constant investments realized during the years have allowed the innovation of all the business structures bringing benefits on our products in terms of quality and continuity. PRODUCTS, APPLICATIONS AND SERVICES: Slitting cutting lines Coils packing and handling lines Cut-to-length lines - rotary shears Revamping assistance (equipment updating) Special applications Technical assistance and maintenance service The processed materials are: hot and cold shaped steel, stainless and pre-painted steel , magnetic steel grain oriented and not grain oriented, tin plate, non ferrous metals such as copper and aluminium. PRODUCTIVE SITES The firm develops its activity in its headquarters of ownership in: Marconi st. 11/13/15, 23843 Dolzago (LC) Italy, the headquarters is built on a 2.500 sqm and include office and factory. It always uses a storage area also it of ownership built on a 4.000 sqm in: Isonzo st. 28/34 Turate (MI).