• Product Overview

    The Automatic Flash Cutter has a carriage propelled by a DC Motor Drive.On the carriage is a set of fingers which grab the end of the cable and pull it out to a pre-set length. Electrodes are applied adjacent to the cutting point and a heavy current of low voltage melts a short section of the cable fusing the ends, or a mechanical cutting head can sever plastic coated cable or conduit.The machine operates until a pre-set counter turns it off.

    The length can be set from 3" (76.2mm) up to the maximum design length of the machine and the tolerance on most cable construction is held to"+/-"1/16" (1.5mm) or better. Production rates vary with cutting length and material.Typical rates are 1000/Hr. on short cuts and 500/Hr. on long cuts and slow melting speeds.

  • About Company
    Ewald Instruments Corp.

    Our mission is to actively pursue all segments of the precision resistance welding, small equipment manufacture, wire rope and cable industriesthrough our internal/external sales networks. We are proud to be approaching our 60th year of continued service. Our employees work to benefit our customers by delivering quality workmanship with management attention to efficient, reliable and excellent products and services. As we grow into the 21st century, we shall continue to focus on and strive for complete customer satisfaction, recognition of our social responsibility and maintenance of a sensitive balance between personal and professional fulfillment.

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