• Specs
    30"W x 80"L x 85"H
    1250 (KGS)
  • Product Overview

    This new MICROFLOW design is the result of decades of fuel system processing experience on large scale automated systems. The new MICROFLOW 100 brings the same precise processing of a fully automated targeting system, now packed into a smaller package as a stand alone machine.

    Designed for small holes and features requiring a specific fl ow rate, this stand alone production unit
    is capable of delivering precision results. The small-scale robust design is scalable to your production requirements and delivers a combination of high precision, reliability, accuracy, and ease of use.

    Model Brochure (301 KB)

  • About Company
    Extrude Hone LLC

    Extrude Hone is dedicated to innovating and providing advanced manufacturing processes to produce some of the highest quality engineered surfaces and edges on the planet. A menu of technologies and equipment for deburring, polishing, and producing controlled radii are available to our customers for improving the strength, performance, and overall reliability of the components they produce.

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