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    4 Rollers Plate Bending Machine
    These 4 Rollers Plate Bending Machine can complete the end pre-bending and roll shaping of plate material in case metal is fed once without adjusting head,and the rest straight edge is least in the all kinds of lapping machines.For this series of lapping machine,upper roll is the driving roll which is driven by driving force,the lower roll and side roll are all driven rolls which rotate by means of the driving of friction between steel plate and each roll,the position of the upper roll is fixed,the upper roll and side roll all rise and fall by means of the driving of parallel connection oil cylinder at the its two ends.the overturn and resetting of reverse head body of delivery end of upper roll are driven by oil cylinder.To raise the toughness of lower roll,support roll is installed in the center of lower roll.which rises and falls by the driving of oil cylinder,this series lapping machine has the following obvious characteristics:
    1.The bearing of working roll adopts self-aligning rolling bearing for rolling mill,which has the characteristic of the sinail friction,small power loss,long service Iife and low energy consumption.
    2.Synchronous rise and fall of two ends of lower roll and side roll.amount of inclination of rolling taper and adjusting average are controlled by CNC system automatically;its control precision is high.

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    JINAN PERFECT MACHINE INDUSTRIAL CO.,, is a professional manufacturer and exporter of cnc machines in china for many years. we have exported our cnc machines to russia, india, indonesia, jordan and so on. our main products are CNC Machine, cnc angle line for marking, shearing and punching; CNC Angle Drilling and Marking Machine, cnc hydraulic punching and drilling machine for joint plate; cnc beam drilling machine; cnc drilling machine; cnc hydraulic marking and punching machine for angle; CNC Drilling Machine for Tube sheet/flange/Plate, shearing machine; band sawing machine; beveling machine,Angle/plate straightening machine, roller type straightening machine,angle notching machine and so on. main business scopes: 1. numerical-controlled process machineries for angle steel, double t steel and plate; 2. universal and special purpose hydraulic machines; 3. vibrate machineries; 4. development and rebuilding, technical consulting and technical support for forging devices; 5. agency and sales of pneumatic and hydraulic elements and the processing and manufacturing of the fittings of forging machinery. the top technique, top production and top service are the objectives of our company, and to seek quality products and to serve users wholeheartedly are the purposes of our company. Any requirement, please inquiry us mail at: perfectcm at . sincerely welcome customers in and out china to visit our company for business and investment.