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FEED LEASE R-6111-30

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Type:Coil Feed Lines


Max Weight of Coil:6,000 lb
Max Width of Coil:30 "
Max Dia. of Coil:60 "
Max Thickness:0.065 "
Dimensions:6.5' H x 6' L x 5' W
Weight:2500 lbs.
Feed Lease Corporation

About Feed Lease Corporation

Feed Lease high-performance pressroom feed equipment does more than meet the needs of your stamping operation. It exceeds the demands you put on it. From single pieces to complete coil feeding lines, our rugged, innovative designs reduce downtime to keep your operation productive and profitable. Feed Lease builds complete coil feeding lines, including conventional feed line, heavy-duty lines for high-strength steel and many space-saving coil handling systems, to meet your specific challenges. We also manufacture electronic servo feeds and air feeds to reliably feed your stamping presses and durable powered straighteners to ensure your material is flat and ready to feed. Get the same reliability from our coil handling equipment including coil reels, coil load cars, coil cradles and upenders.

FEED LEASE R-6111-30

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