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    DRS-24 CNC Hot Running Heater Winding Machine:
    The machine is using PLC plus touch screen control. This machine is designed with reference to imported products, specializing in the production of spinning heating band for manufacturing hot nozzle flat tube. This spinning coil has a very small line width, usually only 0.5mm or even smaller, which makes it difficult to process on other equipments. The machine is using step motor drive, spindle rotating and turning of the winding displacement screw mandrel that can achieve close winding and processing of spiral coil with different thread pitch. The operator inserts a small axial wire into the clamping chuck and make it be clamped, then straightens it with the cylinder and then wires the heating band on the axial wire, until it reaches the preset length and stop auto and is cut by the operator.Max. winding length: 2000mm, Min. mandrel dia: 0.3mm, Min. dia of resistance wire windable: 0.06mm. It can do both single and double coiling.

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    Zhaoqing City Feihong Machinery & Electrical Co., Ltd

    Zhaoqing City Feihong Machinery & Electrical Co,.Ltd.(Tubemachines) is a leading heater machines factory in China. Our factory is located in Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, which is near Guangzhou, Foshan, Shenzhen. The heating machinry in Tubemachines are widely used in various heaters production. Such as machines for cartridge heaters, machines for hot runner heaters, machines for industrial heaters, machines for home appliances heaters... The machine is composed of Tube Welding Assembly(Tube Making Equipment),Resistance Wire Winding Machine,Ultrasonic Wave Cleaner, MGO Filling Machine,Tube Reducer, End Finishing Machine, Tube Bender, Tube Marker,Heating Treatment And Welding Machine. As a leading heater machine manufacturer factory in China, we not only make popular heater machines, but also custom heater machines. Our heater machines have beend sold to many countries such as Canada, USA, India, Malasia, Viteman, Singapore, Turkey, Syria... Welcome to inquiry for our heater machines.

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