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    ZG30A S/S Tube Forming Machine:
    ZG30 tube forming machine is designed for stainless steel tube and low-carbon steel tube which can be used for specialized production of electric tube. It is composed of four parts, including the device for releasing the reel, device for forming and welding, device for flying shears and device for tubing-collection.
    ZG30 tube forming machine can produce the tube of which the maximum diameter is 25.4mm. As for the production of the tube of bigger diameter, you may choose the machines such as ZG-40 and ZG-60.
    ZG-30A, an argon arc welding machine with an adjustable speed from 6 to 10 meters per minute, is used for producing the stainless steel welding tube of which the diameter ranges from 6 to 25.4mm and the wall thickness ranges from 0.35 to 2mm.

    Maximum welding electric current:

    Driving motor:
    380V 50HZ 3KW

    Air source:

    Clean compressed air protective gases:
    argon and hydrogen

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    Zhaoqing City Feihong Machinery & Electrical Co., Ltd

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